Our journey begins with a customized approach.

Everyone suffers from the blues at some time in their life. Some of us experience mental health illness in our lifetime. Whether we have it or someone we love has a mental health condition. It is how we move through this time that matters.

  • Depression: Can be a one time situational state or may be a more permanent condition in which therapy and medication helps. 
  • Anxiety: This is a condition marked by a constant state of awareness and hypervigilance regarding our surroundings or inert conditioning. Therapy can help provide coping skills to manage this condition with no medication. Some individuals may need medication in combination with therapeutic strategies. 
  • Substance Abuse Disorder: Someone who has lost control over their ability to manage the quantity or amount of time dedicated to getting or using a substance may have a substance abuse disorder. There are functional addicts and alcoholics whose lives have gotten out of hand but have not reached a critical mass. This does not mean that help in stopping and staying stopped is not necessary. For more information take the following assessment at: